About Me

Me with a giant turtle

Hi there!

I’m Irene, a junior majoring in Economics at Columbia University. I’ll be studying abroad at DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark for the semester of Spring 2017.

I hail from Los Angeles, California, a land of sunshines, beaches, and lots of creativity. Recently, I saw the film La La Land, whose vibrant colors displayed the beauty of Los Angeles and inspired me to name this blog “Colors of Copenhagen.” Whether it’s the colors of the city, the landscape, or the people, I’ll try to document them here as I begin to discover the colors of life abroad.

In Denmark, I am staying with a host family. My core course program is Global Economics. I’ll also be taking Danish Language and Culture I, Equality in Scandinavia: Developments and Challenges of the Welfare State, New Nordic Design, and Photojournalism.

That’s it for now. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!