Album: Brussels, Belgium

Last weekend, I ate my way through Brussels. Just some highlights from the trip in pictures!

1. La Salon du Chocolat

I happened to be in Brussels during the Belgian chocolate fair. I’ve never had so much (and so good) chocolate in one day.

Neuhaus chef makes fresh Caprice
Donuts at La Salon Du Chocolat

2. Comic Strip Strip Center (aka really cool Comic Book Museum)

Belgium is famous for comics. I learned about The Adventures of Tintin and the Smurfs, which were orignally in comic form before it came out on screen!


3. Moules-frites (mussels and fries) 

I ate the entire pot. It probably had 70 mussels in it.


4. Boat themed co-working café

Took a rest after all that food.

IMG_0128 (2).jpg
Le Pharre Du Kanal café

5. Waffles & Frites

Did you go to Brussels if you didn’t eat waffles and frites? Random waffle off the street but really the best I’ve ever had. Chewy, crispy, caramelly.

IMG_0143.JPG    img_0144-1

6. The Global Goals

The Global Goals for sustainable development were launched by the UN in 2015. Let’s all keep moving forward to build a better world.


7. Art Encounters

Just colorful things I encountered while walking the quiet Sunday streets.

img_0138.jpg  img_0142-1.jpg

Brussels / February 10-12, 2017.


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